Christophe Raes

Event Organizer


2019- Present

Since november 2019 I’ve been working for Gracia Live. within gracia live I’m responsible for the logistique and operational side of all our concerts and shows. This includes shows with Mahmood, Helmut Lotti, Disney on ice, … 

2015 - Present

From the beginning I’ve been doing a lot of activations for The Perfect Mix. After 4 years I’ve gathered a lot of experience out of this. Building up the bars, serving cocktails, coordinating a team and Anticipating at the moment.

2015 - 2019

Crystal events

As a food & beverage manager i came in touch with some of the biggest brands like abinbev, coca-cola, aperol, … although my key activity was organizing and optimizing the bars, i also took care of the general organization of our events. the returning festival in the summer grew out to a festival with 2.000 visitors. 

2016 - 2018

The dirty rabbit - antwerp

As a manager of this great venue i started creating smaller events. I started learning more and more about sound and live performances and started to think outside the box. I think as an event organizer that is the most important thing.

About Me

I am a young and energetic man that has been doing a lot of events as a bartender, barmanager, organiser, …  After awhile I wanted to start doing more in the event world. Therefor I started my own company, Revents.  Revents is created with the mindset of giving all the event organizers an extra pair of hands. With the knowledge that I’ve gathered through the years I saw that there is a big opportunity for showing people another way of organizing their event, the way they look at it, work with it, the efficiency, …  Not everybody has got the time to look at it another way. That is when I come in, that is when you can call me!



VCA - certificate of basic safety


European bartender school barcelona


IT management


Coordination 84%
Organising 80%
Creativity 75%
Bartending skills 81%
Laughing 93%


Crystal Events

Liquid League

Gracia Live